July 21, 2008

salmonella schlalmonella, or why i love the farmer's market

One of my few solitary activities (because I generally like company and sometimes have a hard time being quiet) is my semi-regular Saturday morning visits to the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market. I've really been getting a kick out of leaving Adam home--seeing as how he refuses to get up before 11 on Saturdays--and heading south to the market, usually with a quick stop at the bank for what the ancients call "cash."

I'm afraid I was too laden with grocery sack and money in one hand and my hibiscus mint tea in the other to take any photos at the market, for which of course this blog is now screaming. It was a gorgeous morning. This being July in Texas, the air was pretty warm but an unusually cool breeze was in the air, tossing the bunches of basil and onion tops to and fro and causing several of my fellow shoppers to comment happily on the amazing summer weather.

Here's a little photo of my haul:

Nothing too exotic here, but a great selection of cheeses, melon, potatoes, baby portobellos, peppers, basil, bison, and last but not least, tomatoes.

If you don't already visit a local farmer's market, but are interested, click here for what seems to be a pretty solid directory.

Before I sign off, what are your favorite local food finds this season? I'm sure you guys have some great resources in other regions--how I long for fresh seafood or lovely Silver Queen Corn!


  1. I live in a great agricultural area and seafood. The Farmer's Market often has crab that is out of this world.

  2. I'm finding a disturbing amount of local food in my garden . . . including your longed-for Silver Queen, which will shortly be taking over my life, judging by the number of ears on those stalks.

  3. I know it's not "fresh" but have you tried Quality Seafood on Airport Blvd. Great fish market and they have an oyster bar that's really good. http://www.qualityseafoodmarket.com/

  4. fresh garlic...that is, just dug and not yet cured. awesome.

  5. cathy and kristin: See! I knew you guys would have cool local (*very* local, in your case, kristin!) foods for me to covet. Enjoy them for me!

    shelly: Yes! Well, no, I haven't actually been there yet, but have meant to go for ages. I'll try to get up there soon!

  6. Those mushrooms are gorgeous! Lucky you for having a regular farmer's market. For me, the local farmers' market is monthly and we often forget to go! And the fresh produce isn't up to much (the meat and preserves are good though).