July 8, 2008

out sick; back later!

You know how your parents or friends always tell you to "drive safe!" "It's a holiday weekend!"?

Well, there's a reason for it. On Sunday afternoon while driving back from Louisiana, my little blue Subaru was murdered. Now, hubby and I are home licking our wounds and waiting for the whiplash to recede! Other than that, it was a lovely holiday weekend!

Hope your weekend was safer and involved less loss of property!



  1. Oh no. That was a remarkably upbeat description of something that sounds like it royally sucked. I hope you're both okay. Good thing you did the bread before you left, right? Whiplash doesn't help with kneading.

  2. thanks, guys! really, we're fine, but it definitely DID suck. i've been walking like i'm 50 years older with a bad back, but it's temporary (for now, at least!) i'm just so glad we didn't get badly hurt!