July 31, 2008

lazy. busy. eating out.

Don't you guys have those weeks? I actually don't see evidence of it on most of your blogs, but me, I guess I needed a break!

I'm still here, though! We had a busy weekend in New Braunfels, a popular spot south of Austin for floating down the river.

We made migas tacos for breakfast one morning. If some of you (or shall I say, "y'all"?) aren't familiar with migas, they are a really simple TexMex variation of Eggs a la Mexicana:

Migas Tacos

(serves 6+)

15 -20 corn tortillas (the fresher, the better)
8 eggs, scrambled
3 T milk, added to the eggs
1 jalapeno, minced
1 large tomato, diced
1 medium onion, diced
1 poblano pepper, diced
handful of mushrooms, sliced
2 t chipotle powder (and/or a good dash of your favorite hot sauce)
salt and pepper to taste
1 T olive oil
1 c shredded cheddar cheese or a blend with cheddar and white Mexican cheeses

1. Cook tortilla strips: Depending on how crunch or textured you want your migas, take 3-5 of the tortillas and dice them in about 3/4 inch pieces. (Some people prefer them sliced in thin strips.) Heat the olive oil in a nonstick skillet. When it's hot, add the tortillas and cook until browned and crispy. Remove and set aside.

Ah, nothing like migas and tequila in the morning.

2. Cook the veggies*: Put your tomato, onion, and peppers in the skillet and cook just a few minutes until they begin to soften.
Do not cook them too long, or the migas will lose their freshness and texture. (This is my tendency: Ugh! Can I help it that I like my vegetables soft and caramelized?)

3. Cook the egg mixture: Add the eggs, milk, and seasonings and scramble gently until almost set. Add the tortilla pieces and the cheese, folding in.
I'd suggest not scrambling too enthusiastically or too long. Again, this was failure number two on my part. If you overdo it, they'll still taste good, but they don't look as pretty and are a bit too crumbly for my taste.

4. Serve, with cheese and perhaps extra hot sauce and salsa. The migas can be served or plated either in the remaining tortillas as tacos, as we did, or just on the plate with warm tortillas on the side.

*I recently read someone griping about the devolution of cooking on the blogosphere, specifically about the use of casual or colloquial language. One of the terms that so perturbed the author was "veggies." Well, honey, here it is. Hope you took your blood pressure medicine. Veggies! Veggies! Veggies!

Some will tell you that migas tacos are just redundant, due to the excessive use of corn tortillas. To that, I say, pshaw!

After a long day on the river, we cooked up a variation of the bison burgers I made the other week, and attempted some baked sweet potato fries. However, the fries need another go. I blame their imperfect state on inferior cookware provided at the rental condo. Still, the flavor was great. I'll be sharing a revised version of the sweet potato fries soon!

Klassy table cloth, eh? Still, look at the color of those sweet potato fries!
I can't wait to do them justice. Stay tuned.


  1. I love a good savory breakfast like that.

  2. If you are still in New Braunfels, you should go to Granzine's Meat Market. They have an awesome selection and the price is right.

    I can't seem to stop giving you food shopping recommendations. Don't know what is up with that. But really, it is worth a trip!

  3. I miss Mexican food . . .

    Also: Who is this jerk bitching about the use of the word veggies? Seriously? Veggies? Do you think this person's head would explode if you used the further-shortened "veg"? Or is that okay because it's British? What a nerd.

  4. Mmmm it all looks so good! Welcome to the Daring Bakers!

  5. shelly: thanks! i'll add granzine's to the list next time i'm in new braunfels. :)

    kristin: I've eaten my weight in fajitas, queso, poblanos, tortillas lately (not to mention margaritas) -- the next margarita's for you! I've always thought I'd be a sad girl if we relocated to the east coast or something. I'd really miss the Mexican food.

    kat: thanks! hope to get my butt in gear soon on this month's challenge.

  6. Migas and margaritas for breakfast, that sounds like vacation to me! I am reviewing margaritas and margarita-like drinks all week at my blog. There's something about fried tortilla chips, peppers, onions, and cheese that is just irresistible. We like to do brisket nachos by frying halved tortilla chips, topping them with garlicky refried black beans, shredded aged cheddar from Full Quiver Farms, and a slice of fatty brisket. Yum!

  7. glad to hear your having fun! how jealous i feel not being involved...granzine's is great...even just to stop in for a quick sandwhich. also when your in NB naglin's bakery has the best apple strudle try it out.