July 8, 2008

i told you i'm a winner

Before I get into my lengthy weekend recap, I have an overdue thank-you card to write.

Dear Kristin at Going Country,

You rock! Thanks for the props and the Arte y Pico award!

Your friend,

Yep, I was gifted the Arte y Pico award from hysterical, crafty, and thoughtful converted city girl Kristin at Going Country. SOOOO exciting! Like Kristin, I think the last time I received an award of any kind was 8th grade. It was for the science fair. For a project I did with my friend Meghan on mummies. Getting props for the lil' blog was way cooler. I'll be sure to do the same for others as soon as I get caught up from the weekend.

Many many thanks for Going Country and to Arte y Pico for giving me another excuse to get in touch with other bloggers! Please check out Kristin's site and her post for the Arte y Pico award to meet some cool new bloggers and learn all about Kristin's adventures on the small farm she runs with her husband. The have barns! And sheep! And lots of produce! Bats! I tell ya, it's always an adventure.

1 comment:

  1. You're welcome. But I have to say that I'm more impressed you got an award at a science fair. I never won anything at a science fair. Probably because I hated science and my projects were the worst ever. But mummies? Now THAT is cool.