June 3, 2009

BPA aversion

Today, someone I follow on Twitter posted an update about this study by Harvard scientists that confirms that hard plastic bottles most likely put BPA into people's systems. (Of course, I'm not sure whether presence of the chemical in the urine actually proves that it's setting up shop somewhere in the tissues, but that's another issue.)

Despite my attempt to deflect fear-mongering chain mail about BPA hazards, this whole thing still kind of bothers me. I drink from one of Camelbak's BPA-free plastic bottles, which instead uses Tritan copolyester, which is supposed to be safer. But as I read the press release about Tritan copolyester, I noticed a reference to the new plastic's ability to withstand "crazing, cracking or hazing from continual exposure to high heat."

Well, after a recent trip to the beach where my bottle may or may not have been left in the sun for a little bit, it's grown a hazy area with little bubbles on one side. I guess I should be concerned. (?)

Well, as I'm in a mindset toward health these days, I may consider changing my ways. One option is this, the new Camelbak bottles, as covered on Treehugger.com:

They have the nice drinking straw setup I enjoy in my current bottle, not the narrow neck that's tough to clean offered in the most aluminum drinking bottles. (Bonus!)

Another option is... start drinking water during the day at work, home, etc., and don't rely on carrying a little bottle around like I need to sip water 24-7. Honestly, I haven't really thought about this. I noticed a coworker fills a cool little carafe each morning with water. How classy is that? I might just try this out instead... getting off of the bottled-water grid, one might say. Plus, looking for a cool carafe set in a vintage store or the Goodwill sounds like fun.

Here's a groovy carafe set from the A+R Store:

Or, I rather like this clean little set from CB2.

But, really, any old glass bottle would do! I have a fun, faded OJ pitcher from my childhood (you know, the one with the little oranges dancing around the circumference?) at home that my partner-in-crime doesn't particularly like. Perhaps it will soon make an appearance at the office.

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  1. Just came across this article:
    Glad I got rid of my BPA water bottles awhile back.