June 15, 2009

turkey and kale mole tacos

My mother's favorite vegetable growing up was kale, but she never cooked it when I was growing up. Apparently, we were too picky... wouldn't eat artichokes, cauliflower, or even tomatoes. Thus, tonight marked my first endeavor with kale. I was pleased with the outcome, even though Adam's response was the usual, "It's alright," earned by my red-meat-alternate meals.

Turkey and Kale Mole Tacos

1 lb ground turkey
1 small onion
3-4 stalks kale, chopped into small pieces
2 t chili powder
3 t cumin
1/2 oregano
3 T mole spice/paste
1 T tomato sauce
1 c vegetable broth
salt, to taste

In a large skillet, brown the turkey and onion together. Drain, and return to the pan.
Add kale and soften on medium heat 2-4 minutes. Add remaining ingredients, combine well, cook, and reduce for another 3-5 minutes.

Serve with warm tortillas and the cheese and goodies of your choosing. I had mine with corn tortillas, lime juice, avocado, and a bit of the first tomato out of our garden (not pictured, because I added it as an afterthought!).


  1. Sounds delicious! I love a red meat alternative, and this looks like a great taco filling. What kind of mole paste did you use?

  2. Lisa, I've never made a mole sauce and had picked up a jar of whatever they had at HEB some time ago. It was similar to this Rogelio Bueno, but a different brand.

  3. found your blog by accident, but instantly took a liking to it. i retired from teaching 2 yrs ago, moved to Murphy, NC where it is so easy and convenient to cook and eat more responsibly. will be trying your recipes. thank you.

  4. Hi, it looks like a delicious plate. Thanks for the recipe.

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  5. Just came across this Post and it looks pretty awesome. Not much on the ground turkey , or any ground meats for that matter, But I could sure see this with shredded chicken or nice lean skirt steak. And also I miss HEB

  6. wow, looks delicious!

  7. Like the different take. Going to try this. Thanks!!

  8. very nice recipe. looking very yummy :) thanks for sharing :)