June 4, 2009

vegan potato cashew soup

[Source: FatFree Vegan Kitchen]

Last month, I embarked on a 3-week allergy-testing elimination and reintroduction diet. It was awesome. Seriously!

The elimination piece of the diet had me taking any potential allergy or GI irritants out: animal products (meat, dairy, eggs), wheat, soy products, corn, tomato, and all sugars but agave nectar. Now, on a normal week, I probably eat most of these--particularly wheat and tomato in one form or another--on a daily basis.

As a result, I had to learn to eat very differently. The first few days, I relegated myself to simple salads, my prescribed shakes, and almond milk 10 different ways. They were good, but boy, was I craving something savory or starchy after a while! My two indulgences (oh, in addition to almond butter, and more almond butter) were oat bran and potatoes.

I'll tell you first about potatoes: I almost never cook them these days, but in those weeks, I happily rediscovered the humble potato. My favorite find was a vegan soup as found here from FatFree Vegan Kitchen. It was so savory and satisfying, and was the inspiration for me to continue pursuing vegan cooking.

I followed her recipe pretty closely, just cooking up some Yukon gold potatoes till firm, and then adding 2/3 of them to the remaining ingredients after they're blended in a mixer. I substituted plain almond milk for the milk, and didn't have any nutritional yeast so didn't add it. I didn't miss it! I also used fresh rosemary and a swirl of olive oil, since oils and nuts were my only source of fat in those weeks. Oh, and I really enjoyed it with chopped scallions as you see above.

I'll definitely be making that one again, possibly with some sweet potatoes or curry incorporated.


  1. That's pretty interesting...I've been thinking that I need to do something about my serious caffeine and sugar addictions...it'll probably take a detox diet to get me to a good starting point.

  2. I love curries, any foods, most ways!

  3. I can't wait to see what happens with the elimination diet. An allergist told me I was allergic to chicken, tuna, and wheat. So far, chicken has been the only real culprit for tummy problems, after elimination diets. Now even if I have chicken broth in anything I get sick. Oh well.

  4. Hmm... it's very good!!!

  5. sounds good! thanks for sharing, gonna give this a try :) Good luck with your allergies. My hubs and I have been enjoying a vegan diet since 6/5/11. We love it and have lost weight, been able to remove medications and I have seen a big difference in my allergies.