April 15, 2009

tx wine and food festival and austin's cake balls confectioner

Ahh, springtime in the Hill Country: Clear blue skies, balmy temperatures, wildflowers, and... a crazy number of food events in which my occasionally-food-blogging self wants to participate!

I've been pleased, though sheepish due to my scant number of posts this spring, to catch wind of a handful of food-oriented fetes this month. I am excited this week to check out a few events for the Texas Hill Country Food and Wine Festival. This evening, the first I was able to get to, was a reception at the new Hotel Saint Cecilia in South Austin, a boutique hotel that emerged this year from a beautiful old bed and breakfast in our old Travis Heights neighborhood.

Lovely photo of the pool, oaks, and oh-so-classic awnings by benfu.

Of the three hors d'ouevres I sampled, I really liked the watermelon wedge served with goat cheese, pickled onions, and a bit of balsamic vinegar and greens. However, I'm not even clear as to who was preparing the food: Was it the staff at the hotel? Another restaurant in town? Either I missed something, or it was just not *that kind* of gathering. Curious.

UPDATE: I realized the invite credited Whole Foods for the catering, and Bonterra and Sterling vineyards provided the wine.

So here's where I expose myself as the neophyte you likely already know me to be: I was WAY excited about the schwag bag!

The festival folks put together the nicest bag of local snacks, wine, gift cards, and goodies, the best of which so far has been a box of delectable cake balls (giggle) by Austin confectioner, Cake by Bridges. Where have I been? Has everyone known about these, but kept them from me all this time? What a great idea, but better yet, what great execution! I had a chocolate cake ball, and the cake was moist and fudgy with a hint of cherry or coffee to it. As my godfather signs all his e-mails, "Rock ON," Cake by Bridges!

These would be such a great alternative (or addition) to cupcakes, petit fours, or truffles at a party or wedding. Has anybody seen or made these before, or used Cake by Bridges for an event?

Next up, we're off to the Sunday Fair of the festival. I'll either be buying or borrowing a camera for that one. Fingers crossed for good hill-country-driving weather.


  1. Sounds like fun! I skipped getting advance tickets for events this year, but now I wish I would have decided on something.

  2. Thanks for the ticket offer for Sunday, but unfortunately, our weekend is booked and we won't be able to make it this year. I'll have to live vicariously! Let me know what we missed.

  3. Hey M-
    Just found your blog a really round about way...I'm friends with Stacey who is the owner of Cake by Bridges, and I was on her Twitter page and recognized the picture of you on the Cake by Bridges followers page. Very round about, I know. Her boyfriend, B, is my cube buddy at work. :) Very small world. Anyway, just wanted to say that her cakeballs are amazing. We are always begging B to bring in samples, and we get to be Stacey's test group when she's coming up with new recipes. I could seriously eat the stuff she bakes ALL. DAY. LONG. :) She's also doing the cake for a friend of mine's wedding that is tomorrow...Can't wait for that! Anyhow, just thought I'd give you a shout since I visited the page! Love your blog! :)

  4. Tia and I have made cake balls before and she has perfected the art. I'll send a pic of hers, they look and taste like a pro! We'll share the secrets when you come up for Austin's b-day ;)

  5. what an amazing pool- great sign