February 19, 2009

catalina coffee... from houston... in austin

We were gifted last weekend--intentionally or not, I'm not sure--with some great beans from Catalina Coffee in Houston. My brother- and sister-in-law are big fans, and I'm with them. I hope they weren't too sad to arrive home and realize they left their favorite coffee behind in Austin.

Someday, we'll add an espresso machine to the new kitchen. A start would be to buy milk and dig out my frother, though!

The perfect cappuccino by { sara }.

I stumbled upon this gorgeous and fluffy cappuccino at { sara's } flickr page.


  1. Oh sounds divine! Where can you get it in Houston? When I go to visit my sister and brother in law there, we always go to Ziggy's cafe for breakfast where I get Kona coffee :)

  2. lindsay - they are at 2201 washington ave; haven't been there in person, only enjoyed their roast long-distance so far. ;)

    Google map of 2201 Washington, Houston, TX