April 21, 2009

i got garden

Month 6 in our house, and we're beginning to make some progress on the exterior.

Aside from my recent acquisition of a large rope hammock and ladder ball game, here's how the front planter's looking.

I tucked in some herbs--thyme and flat-leaf parsley so far--amongst the other drought-tolerant ornamentals and succulents.

We also put in one 4 X 8' raised bed so far in the back. (Plans for a second one, time-permitting.) Here are a few photos.

Italian basil. (I harvested much of it last night for some pesto! Hope it grows back quickly.)

Eager little cucumbers.

Also put in some flowers for cutting. I have high hopes for lovely Dahlias! (Also put in a lot of Zinnias and another flower whose name is new to me and escapes memory...)


  1. That's great! Good luck with your garden. I just planted some basil too, but I keep mine in containers so I can move them into the sun. (shady yard)

  2. Will you come over and do my garden for me? I've been in my house for 2 1/2 years!

  3. lisa: thanks! good idea; my basil doesn't get full sun either, so i may do a 2nd plant in a container.
    allison: sure; we should have a gardening date.