June 23, 2008

recipe for sunburn

Yes, I've been quite the slacker the last few days: Not what this fledgling project needs! I promise to bake or cook something interesting for you, my zero to four readers, by Wednesday (my department potluck!)

In the meantime, I'll be recuperating from this:

1 fair-skinned and freckled woman with moderate sun-damaged skin
12-16 hours over 2 days in full, midday sun
3 varieties of sunblock, ranging from 6-50 SPF

Go to beach. Do not invest in an umbrella or other sunshade. Add fair-skinned woman and friends. Apply sunscreen inconsistently and swim frequently. Slowly remove suncreen by swimming and jumping in the water and lying on towels and lounge chairs. Bake gently for 4-7 hours/day.

Optional: Remove giant sun hat if sun damage is also desired on face. I didn't use this, but may try it sometime in the future!

Yield: One silly sunburn and increasingly spotty shoulders and arms.


  1. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you're not too pink...

    ...oh, and there's cake now :)

  2. You forgot the last step: Apply aloe vera and whimper.

  3. also don't forget the advil!

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