June 26, 2008

oven insufficiency alert

I was just avoiding work (again)--er, taking a little break--and reading this yummy brownie recipe EvilChefMom just posted and remembered:

My (rental) oven doesn't maintain temperature at all! I finally bought an oven thermometer which lead me to discovery #1: My oven runs 35-50 degrees cool.

Then! Two days ago, while baking my scones for the Strawberry Shortcake, I discovered (#2) that after 30 minutes of preheating at 450o, the oven was still hovering around 345o.

What to do? Anyone have any suggestions about helping my oven attain high heat? Besides moving, which is kind of in the works; or perhaps wrapping my oven in industrial-strength foil?


  1. HI ... I just discovered your blog. Very cool! With regards to your stove ........ is your hubby handy? The door might not be set right and isn't closing properly. I had this happen with my old stove -- a lot of heat was lost. My hubby took the door off and then put it back on again; it helped. Also, ovens can be recalibrated but it can be a pricey repair bill -- if your place is a rental, would your landlord cover it? I mean, if the stove totally broke, he'd have to replace it, right? :-)
    You have a terrific blog -- anyone willing to show pix of their messy kitchen is A+ in my book. I'll be back.

  2. I hate to sound like a total delinquent, but perhaps if you broke it...

    I know, it's awful. But, like Lennie said above me, if the stove breaks the owner is obligated to replace it...

    Ok, that crap never works (except for a dishwasher once in an apartment that I'd never fess up to intentionally breaking in public). It may be as simple as replacing the thermostat in your oven. Depending on what type of stove you have it should be relatively easy. I see in your picture that you have a gas stove so I'll even provide a link:


    Hope that helps.