October 15, 2008

first off, 24 hour blog-a-thon for poverty

So I'm just getting up to speed on this, and the event's over in just a few hours, but check out what my good friend Mando at Austin's Capital Area United Way has been up to!


Yep, he's posted once each hour since this morning at 12 am about global poverty. It's part of today's Blog Action Day 2008 activities.  Mando has a lot more to say about this issue than I do: He works every day nurturing volunteer initiatives in our area.

Me? I have a long way to go in taking action to address poverty issues in my community or anywhere else. Instead, I thought I'd just remind you to be grateful for your meal tonight, even if it is just leftovers. And if you aren't already taking some kind of action at home (er, or even if you ARE), try some of these ideas. I promise to.


  1. Do I live under a rock that everyone knew about this event but me?

  2. Lol, now that you point it out, it IS kinda funny that i of all people would know of a blog event before you, Cathy! :) I wouldn't have known, if not for facebook!