January 8, 2009

love me some Trudy's Mexican martinis

Now that I've recovered from the sugar, fat, and alcohol indulgences of the holiday past, it's almost time to get my drink on again. In moderation, of course.

I came across this Mexican martini at Trudy's Restaurant that I photographed (poorly, but with great enthusiasm) last summer and on which I intended to post. My favorite involves the following, shaken with plenty of ice: gold tequila (I like Cazadores for a fairly priced but tasty version), Cointreau, plenty of fresh lime juice, olives with a little extra olive juice, and plenty of salt.

I don't know how popular Mexican martinis are in other regions or states, so you like tequila or lime at all and haven't had one, please do so! AND if you live in Austin and haven't tried Trudy's version, add it to your to do list.

Mmm... it's kind of warm out today. Might have to find someone to grab one of these after work.

1 comment:

  1. it doesn't have to be warm outside for me to enjoy one of these. frankly, it's about 15 degrees right now, and i could go for one or four. :)