May 21, 2008

lucile's stateside bistro, fort worth, tx

This was such a great experience: I want them to add a franchise in Austin.

My sister brought me to Lucille's Stateside Bistro in Fort Worth for a late lunch on a Sunday. Service was perfect. Food was sooo amazing. We started with the fried green tomatoes, which had a light and crispy coating.

I don't recall the name of my sandwich, but it was definitely muffaletta-like, and it was so delicious. Who knew just a touch of rosemary could be so amazing? Until I forget to water it, I have a nice little rosemary plant this summer, so I'll have to make better use of it. (Blurry photo of said sandwich below. Note to self: Work on food photography techniques.)

Georgie had the crabcakes, which were seasoned differently than I've ever had them, but still tasted crabby and fairly traditional. This, in addition to the rarity of actual lump crab meat in Texas (and despite the fact that the east coast is generally supplied with crabmeat from the gulf--Why don't we get better crabs here!?) I couldn't quite place the new flavors: a bit more tangy/citrusy with maybe some bright peppery addition? My taste buds fail me, but trust me, they were great.

A great meal; can't wait to return. Here's a lil' more information, should you find yourself hungry and not desiring barbecue or steaks in Fort Worth.

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