May 13, 2008

Mac-n-Cheese Dreams

As I haven't made time to wash the dishes in the sink--let alone cook up anything new--since Sunday, here's my pick of the day from SmittenKitchen, which I'm loving.

What's the statute of limitations on posting to other posts? I don't care--I cannot wait to make Martha's Mac and Cheese Debs's posted here... As soon as I finish a 3-day fast on leek soup. Only kidding.

But seriously, how fantastic does that look?! I can't wait to make up a big pan of this cheesy and crunchy deliciousness and share it with friends. I like Deb's suggestion to serve with a big crunchy salad and steamed veggies. Some nice firm zucchini and a crunchy romaine salad will give good balance to the creamy indulgence. I'm drooling, folks.

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